Metro Unit Paying Fund

Classification: Long Term Bond Funds
Inception Date
Sep 22, 2017
Risk Classification
Min. Initial Participation
PHP 10,000.00
Min. Additional Participation
PHP 1,000.00
Min. Maintaining Balance
PHP 10,000.00
Min. Holding Period
7 calendar days
Cut-Off Time for Participation/Redemption
12:00 PM
Settlement Date (T + # of Days)
T + 3
Trust Fee Structure
0.50% Based on Net Asset Value (NAV)
Early Redemption Fee
50% of income on redeemed amount
40% Philippine Sovereign Bond Index 1-5 years (BPHIL15), Adjusted; 40% BPI Philippine Corporate Bond Index; and 20% Philippine 30-Day Special Savings Rate General Average (net of taxes)
From Date
To Date