UITFs Do's and Don'ts

Do read the Declaration of Trust, Information Memo, Offering Circular or similar document about the Fund/s you are interested in before investing.

Do evaluate your investment objective and risk appetite before you invest in any UITF.

Do invest in UITFs that meet your investment objectives and risk tolerance.

Do invest for the long term.

Do make sure you invest in UITF products that you understand.

Do demand confirmations of your investment transactions.

Do seek professional advice when in doubt about an investment.

Do review your investment strategy regularly.

Do inform your relationship manager if your financial circumstances and investment goals have changed.




Don't invest in a Fund if you do not understand its terms and conditions.

Don't invest in a Fund just because everyone seems to be investing in it.

Don't get emotionally attached to investments that have served you well in the past but are no longer suitable for your needs.

Don't try to time the market.  Make regular investments to take advantage of cost averaging.

Don't panic when the price of the UITF goes down.  Prices of a Fund's underlying securities go up and down over time.  Volatility is part and parcel of investing --- financial markets do not go up in a straight line.